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London men find dates by phone

09 Jul 2006 / in Al Jazeera English

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi – You travel on the same train at the same time every morning. You see the same faces every day. Sometimes you might even exchange a brief smile. But what happens when someone on your morning train sends a message to your mobile phone asking for a date? Many Londoners have become hooked on […]

British government refuses to ban qat

05 Feb 2006 / in Al Jazeera English

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi – Despite months of pressure to ban it, the British government has decided not to outlaw the favourite drug of London’s Yemeni and Somali communities. Every couple of days London’s Heathrow Airport receives a strange cargo. Bundles and bundles of shrub wrapped in banana leaves arriving on planes from Yemen and East Africa. This […]

Lonely artist crawls 60 miles

08 Jan 2006 / in Al Jazeera English

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi – An art teacher from London, England, has crawled 96km on his hands and knees to draw attention to the plight of single people spending Christmas alone. Mark McGowan, 37, was pulling 18 boxes of chocolates, wearing a sign saying “Could you love me?” and holding a rose between his teeth. As he arrived […]

A mayor, just 14 years old

09 Dec 2005 / in Al Jazeera English

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi – Britain’s youngest elected official has just been inaugurated. At just 14 years old, Wilf Petherbridge has taken office as the Young Mayor of Lewisham, a London suburb. He is still not allowed to drive, get married, or vote in a general election, but he is been given a huge responsibility – represent South […]

British university in veil-ban row

28 Nov 2005 / in Al Jazeera English

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi – Imperial College in London is battling controversy over the ban of the face veil on campus. The College in West London has banned the niqab as a security measure. But the hijab, which covers only the hair and has been banned in French schools, is allowed. Tony Mitcheson, the college secretary, said that […]

Fishing protest blocks Nato exercise

14 Oct 2005 / in Al Jazeera English

By Sakhr Al-Makhadhi, on board ITS Mount Etna, off Sardinia, Italy A fleet of civilian boats protesting territorial fishing rights and seeking financial compensation for lost work has forced some operations of a Nato naval exercise to grind to a halt off the southwestern coast of Sardinia, Italy. Codenamed Operation Destined Glory/Loyal Midas, the two-week […]

Strange bedfellows

22 Jan 2005 / in BBC

A radio documentary (1×30) about two of the BNP’s strangest young campaigners. Neither of them are white. Selected by BBC Radio 1xtra and nominated for a BJTC Award. Produced by Sakhr Al-Makhadhi and Chloe Hadjimatheou.