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25 Aug 2017 / in Uncategorized

#IJF17 – Interview with – Sakhr Al-Makhadhi

08 Jul 2017 / in AJ+

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi on the advantages of digital and the advent of new media from the Middle East Shot by: Roberta Covelli Journalist:

French Election: France’s Small Towns Are Shifting Right

05 May 2017 / in AJ+

Can this small town explain why so much of France has fallen in love with the far right? AJ+’s Ahmed

In your face(book)

07 Apr 2017 / in AJ+

Facebook has received a lot of criticism from publishers in recent years. But like it or not, Facebook is increasingly

How digital can save journalism in the Middle East and Arab World

06 Apr 2017 / in AJ+

Not everything that’s digital is online, so why is it so hard for the journalism industry (especially in the Middle

Who’s A She Fighter?

08 Dec 2016 / in AJ+

These women in Amman, Jordan are learning how to fight harassment through boxing and martial arts. Watch as they break

Gaza’s Clowns Heal Children With Post-War Trauma

28 Nov 2016 / in AJ+

The clowns of Gaza are bringing a smile to kids traumatized by war. Filmed by video journalist Camilla Schick for

You Only Pay For Time At This Cafe

21 Nov 2016 / in AJ+

In this cafe, the food and drink is free. You just pay 7 cents per minute to be there. Shot by

Yemen’s Fight Club Helps Kids Escape Violence

03 Nov 2016 / in AJ+

At Yemen’s fight club, young people go head to head in the ring, not on the battlefield. Shot by video

The Struggle Of Palestinian Farmers Under Occupation

03 Nov 2016 / in AJ+

These Palestinians can only access their land for a couple of days per year. This is how they harvest olives