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Syria government and opposition begin face to face talks

25 Jan 2014 / in Channel 4 News

My latest for Channel 4 News. The UN says that both sides will negotiate face to face in Geneva for the first time on Saturday, just hours after the regime threatened to walk out, writes Sakhr Al-Makhadhi from Geneva. After two days of shuttling between nearby rooms, UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi says that delegations from […]

Should the West attack Syria?

07 Jun 2012 / in Channel 4 News

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi considers the options as the UN struggles to find a credible plan for ending the violence in Syria. Another week, another massacre. If the murder of an estimated 49 children in Houla a fortnight ago wasn’t enough to provoke international outrage, then the reported killing of 100 people near Hama this week certainly […]

Syria’s citizen journalists: “We expect to be killed”

23 Feb 2012 / in Channel 4 News

The death of Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin sparked fresh outrage at the bloodshed in Homs. But what about the unofficial journalists dying to tell their story? Channel 4 News takes a look. In one of Rami al-Sayed’s very recent video messages, he said: “The situation in Baba Amr is catastrophic – we are being […]

Syrian ‘civil war’ as Arab League observers tour Homs

27 Dec 2011 / in Channel 4 News

As Arab League monitors complete the first day of their tour of Homs, a Syria blogger tells Channel 4 News “all sides are trying to make political capital” as civil war unfolds. A group of Arab League observers have finished their first day of observation and will continue touring the area over the next 24 […]

Denial in Damascus as Syria revolts

06 Aug 2011 / in Channel 4 News

SAKHR AL-MAKHADHI – Syria is in open revolt with hundreds killed, weekly protests now daily and chants against the president in every corner of the country, writes a Syria expert for Channel 4 News. Damascus and the second city Aleppo are islands of relative peace in a country at war with itself. In Egypt, the capital brought the […]

Who runs Syria?

27 Apr 2011 / in Channel 4 News

SAKHR AL-MAKHADHI – After weeks of protests and hundreds of deaths, who is in control of Syria? A UK-Arab journalist who’s spent time in Damascus writes for Channel 4 News on the real power brokers of a regime in crisis. With his army laying siege to cities across Syria, and scores dying at the hands of […]

Syrian army deploys to Banias as clashes continue

11 Apr 2011 / in Channel 4 News

Security forces have sealed off the port city of Banias in Syria as the Government continues to violently crack down on protests. An analyst warns Channel 4 News the battles could continue for years. Residents say at least four people were shot dead in Banias on Sunday in protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s 11-year rule. […]

Syria: the battle between reform and repression

25 Mar 2011 / in Channel 4 News

SAKHR AL-MAKHADHI – As hundreds march through Damascus in protest at the deaths of pro-democracy demonstrators, a British-Arab journalist, formerly based in Syria, writes on the struggle between reform and repression. The word “massacre” was being used by eyewitnesses. Figures vary wildly, with reports of dozens – possibly as many as 100 – people killed by […]