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2014 in Syria

02 Jan 2015 / in BBC World TV

Why was 2014 the worst year of the Syrian revolution? How has the Assad regime been able to get away with it, and does 2015 hold any hope? My latest two-way for BBC World News and the BBC News Channel.

BBC Iraq special

18 Jun 2014 / in BBC News Channel, BBC World TV

I took part in a BBC News special on Iraq – simulcast on the News Channel and BBC World. We looked at the ISIS takeover from a Syrian, Turkish and Iranian perspective. An interesting panel.

Syria’s presidential election and more chemical weapons attacks

21 Apr 2014 / in BBC News Channel, BBC World TV

My latest studio lives for the BBC News Channel and BBC World News TV. We discuss reports of widespread chemical weapons attacks across Syria in the final few days before the UN deadline to remove all banned substances. And can the country really hold a presidential election in the middle of a war? Or is […]

The challenge of covering Syria

14 Feb 2014 / in BBC World TV, Best of

A really interesting discussion on the difficulties of covering the Syria story. I appeared on this BBC World TV programme alongside: Rami Khouri, Director of the Issam Fares Institute Sheera Frenkel, Buzzfeed Middle East Correspondent Aymenn Al-Tamimi, Middle East Forum We discuss the outsourcing of the risk of reporting in Syria. Also why are we looking […]

Free the Al Jazeera journalists held captive in Egypt

31 Jan 2014 / in BBC World TV

On the panel for the BBC World News debate over the Al Jazeera journalists detained by the Egyptian military.

Syria peace talks begin in Geneva

25 Jan 2014 / in BBC World TV

My two-way from Geneva for BBC World News. With the two sides so deeply divided over the future of Bashar Al-Assad, what can realistically be achieved in the talks? What’s happening on the sidelines – is there any chance of an international agreement on Syria?

The UK says no to Syria airstrikes, but how will Assad react?

30 Aug 2013 / in BBC World TV, Best of

For GMT on BBC World: reporting on the Syria vote in the UK parliament – from London, Sakhr Al-Makhadhi and from Beirut, Yolande Knell The failed UK vote is a propaganda win for Assad, but is he still bracing for airstrikes? What’s next? Will this allow the regime to act with impunity? Or will the regime […]

Hezbollah in Syria

31 May 2013 / in BBC World TV

What is Hezbollah up to in Syria?

Israel attacks a suspected weapons convoy inside Syria

05 May 2013 / in BBC World TV

Israel attacks Syria – but is this more about Hezbollah? And who will win the propaganda war over the attack? Assad or the rebels. My latest two-way for BBC World live from Milan.

Syria’s future leaders?

11 Nov 2012 / in BBC World TV

The Syrian opposition has called an end to the infighting and elected a broad new body. Is this a turning point in the battle for Syria? My two-way for BBC World TV.