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Children Bear Syria’s Deepest Wounds

09 Oct 2016 / in AJ+

This Syrian girl is paralyzed and needs medical care. But her family is living illegally in Lebanon, scared of being

International Women’s Day – Rapping For Women In Conflict

06 Sep 2016 / in AJ+

Amani Yahya is Yemen’s first female rapper. For International Women’s Day, Oxfam brought her and four other rappers together to

International Women’s Day – Refugee Role Models

06 Sep 2016 / in AJ+

The women of Zaatari escaped war, but they are still fighting against social stigmas. Ahead of International Women’s Day on

Anti-Brexit protest – live

07 Jul 2016 / in AJ+

AJ+ Arabi party live

07 Jul 2016 / in AJ+

Anti-Brexit protest – live

24 Jun 2016 / in AJ+

Live on AJ+: Thousands of people march through London, hours after the Brexit vote result was announced. (Total views: 300,000)

AJ+ English gatecrashes AJ+ Arabic – live

02 Jun 2016 / in AJ+

AJ+ Arabic held a party to tell the world what they were about. So we gatecrashed. (Total views: 60,000)

Girl Who Fought Off Israeli Soldier Is Leading Protests In The West Bank

25 May 2016 / in AJ+

Last week, 14-year-old Ahed Tamimi confronted an Israeli soldier who was assaulting her brother. She is one of the faces

Cluster Bombs in Yemen

25 May 2016 / in AJ+

Amnesty International says the Saudi-led coalition is using cluster bombs in Yemen — and that those bombs were made in

Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian School

03 Mar 2016 / in AJ+

Elementary school children from the Bedouin village of Abu Nuwar in the Occupied West Bank were left to study outside